Hepatocellular carcinoma ranks 5th in terms of the most frequent neoplasms, currently constituting one of the main causes of death from cancer. The vast investigation and growing knowledge on the mechanisms of this neoplasia, allowed the development of a set of therapies, which can be used alone or combined, thus contributing to a change in the treatment paradigm for these patients. Liver resection is the method of choice for approaching this carcinoma, however transplantation remains a curative option used when hepatectomy is contraindicated. The development of loco-regional ablation and embolization techniques has shown great efficacy and a growing interest in tumor combat, either alone or in conjunction with surgery, as they often allow tumor regression so that hepatocellular carcinoma meets the criteria for resectability and / or transplantation. Systemic targeted therapy, immunotherapy and the combination of loco-regional techniques have contributed to the possibility of curing this neoplasia. The author reviewed the various therapeutic options for approaching hepatocellular carcinoma currently used.


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