This paper presents a rare case report on grade II tracheal chondrosarcoma, as well as a literature review on the topic. Chondrosarcomas are malignant neoplasms in the head and neck that have a prevalence of 5 to 12% in the population. They may originate from cartilage, endochondral bone or mesenchymal tissue associated with the tissue at the base of the skull and meninges. In the head and neck region, the lesion occurs mainly at the base of the skull and often involves the occipital region. The nasal cavity, maxilla and larynx may be involved, however, the literature is extremely scarce in relation to cases of tracheal chondrosarcomas. In view of the above, the objective of this study is to present an unusual case of tracheal chondrosarcoma, discussing the clinical picture and its diagnosis. This is a case report of tracheal chondrosarcoma in a 74-year-old patient, who aimed to expose this rare condition and to identify scientific evidence related to this tumor.


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