How should esophagogastric junction carcinomas be considered according to the current UICC`s TNM classification?

  • M. Souto-de-Moura Aluna do Mestrado Integrado em Medicina da Faculdade de Medicina do Porto - Portugal
  • J. Pinto-de-Sousa Professor Associado Convidado, com Agregação, da Faculdade de Medicina do Porto - Portugal


Before the latest UICC-AJCC’s revision of the TNM classification, the esophagogastric junction carcinoma could, for staging purposes, be classified as esophageal or gastric. This fact itself generated a number of inconsistencies when addressing these cancers. The aim of this Project is try to clarify the framework of the esophagogastric junction carcinoma, regarding staging, intending the authors to answer the question “How should esophagogastric junction carcinomas be considered according to the new UICC`s TNM classification?”. For this purpose, it was made a literature research using PubMed database, selecting relevant articles relating to the topic. According to the 1th edition of the TNM classification of the UICC-AJCC, neoplasms whose epicentre is located in the distal / lower thoracic esophagus, at the esophagogastric junction or even in the proximal five cm of the stomach and invade the esophagogastric junction, should be classified, for purposes of staging, as esophageal adenocarcinomas. Although this new classification standardizes the staging of esophagogastric junction carcinoma, potentially eliminating the relative deviations towards this entity, future revisions might clarify if it is the most appropriate for this neoplasm or, alternatively, if it could benefit from its own staging system.

Keywords: esophagogastric junction; adenocarcinoma; neoplasm staging; AJCC; 7th edition.


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