Intraoperative radiotherapy and breast cancer

  • Paula Alves Serviço de Radioterapia, Instituto Português de Oncologia de Coimbra, Portugal


Introduction: The delivery of radiotherapy in a single and high dose, during the surgery (IORT), is a matter of interest among medical community, particulary for early-stage invasive breast cancer.

Methods: We describe IORT, advantages and disadvantages and point out different techniques and publications going on, comparing IORT with external beam radiotherapy, to the whole breast.

Results: There are different systems and techniques of IORT calling for validation and for efficiency and efectiviness analisys. The ASTRO consensus guidelines for accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) might be considered for IORT.

Conclusions: IORT is an attractive radiotherapy modality, with an easy logistics and an interesting rational. It deserves, particulary for the newest technologies, additional peer-reviewed publications.

Keywords: breast cancer, intraoperative radiotherapy, accelerated partial breast irradiation. 


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