Oncoplastic surgery of the breast – past, present and future

  • J.-S. Leal de Faria Assistente Graduado de Cirurgia Geral – Responsável da Clínica da Mama do IPOLFG – EPE e Coordenador do Centro de Mama do H.Luz, Portugal
  • P. Viana Lopes Assistente de Cirurgia Geral – Unidade Funcional de Patologia de Mama – CHLC


The breast conserving surgery has become the standard of care for early-stage breast cancer. The primary goal of this approach is the complete removal of the cancer with adequate surgical margins while preserving the natural shape and appearance of the breast. Poor cosmetic outcomes were still observed in up to 40% of patients. To solve this problem, specialized approaches to resection with con- comitant reconstruction have been developed and are now referred as oncoplastic breast surgery. The complexity of these techniques brings the need for advanced surgical training and the selection criteria for those are not without controversy. In this paper we will try to review the different techniques and guidelines of application, as well as reviewing their oncological safety.

Keywords: Breast cancer; breast conserving surgery; breast oncoplastic surgery; mammoplasty. 


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